The right motivation can change the world.

  • Your customer potential seems limited?
  • The location of your company is apparently not perfect?
  • Do you have a high turnover in your company?
  • Are your requirements met with reluctant compliance or implemented with resistance?
  • Your philosophy / vision is not recognized?
  • Your employees do not have a sense of responsibility or take ownership for their work?
  • Do you have any “problem departments”?
  • Your employees do not recognize the company priorities?
  • Are there needless problems in your company which must be dealt with on a daily basis?
  • Are your employees unnecessarily in competition with each other?
  • Are there individual projects that are not progressing?
  • Your executives do not lead – they determine?
  • Do you have difficulties finding the right person for a particular position?
  • Do you have a strategic plan for your company?


Using my extensive knowledge and corporate work experience, I can assist you in developing the tools and methodologies needed to put your company back on track.

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