Our family history and the experiences of our ancestors have an unprecedented influence on our lives and our decisions and are therefore active on all levels of being. We relive profound experiences and the experiences of our descendants in a modified form. The unconscious patterns of these repetitions must be identified, clarified, integrated, and resolved. This is the only way to avoid this “repetitive dilemma”.

The achievement of our real goals must be free of resistances and hindrances.

Where it comes from and what is possible?
In the Stone Age, man lived in clans. One could not survive as an individual. People were dependent on the community. The preservation of these clans depended on the strict rules and reliability of the members. Any breach of these rules was punishable. In the worst scenario, offenders were expelled from the clan, which more or less meant death.

This recorded primal information is still effective today. If we violate the rules of the clan from which we originate, a preventive program (survival instinct) is activated to keep us within the structures of the clan. Anyone who strays too far from the clan system meets a barrier either by illness or burnout, an accident, or ill fate. The system does everything necessary to keep us within our clan system and hence keep us alive.

We do not just inherit physical aspects, such as the mouth, nose, or eye shape. As shown by epigenetics, we also inherit all the information and code from our clan. This determines the so-called “guard rails” in which we can move freely from stress and preventive programs. Everything that goes beyond is sabotaged by the system. With this background, our desires cannot unfold freely, easily, or without problems. Rather, it takes enormous effort to reach a goal, or it is even hindered completely.

Directly from birth, part of our “hard disk” is already pre-recorded with all information about our clan, which influences and prescribes a significant part of our life. Identifying, resolving, and integrating this information through kinesiology presents a unique, new solution approach!

The changes resulting from the resolution and integration open new spaces in which things happen playfully, with ease, and outside the natural flow of life.


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