Do you feel addressed by one or more of the topics below?

  • Are you always looking for partners with the same behavioral patterns?
  • Do you ever encounter barriers or resistance?
  • Are you dissatisfied?
  • Do you often feel under pressure?
  • Do you feel disoriented?
  • Do you have the desire to pursue a new career?
  • Do you have conflicts in your family, in your environment or in your professional life?
  • Are you experiencing a crisis with your partner? – Is it difficult for you to assume an “adult position” in certain situations?
  • Do you have difficulties with your parents?
  • Do you sometimes feel unclear in your role?
  • Does your child have difficulties at school?
  • Do you have problems with your child’s teachers?
  • Do your child’s learning difficulties burden you?
  • Are you having conflicts with your children during puberty?
  • Has a separation or loss thrown you off track?
  • Is mobbing an issue in your (professional) life?
  • Do you wish for a salary increase? Do you feel under-valued?
  • Do you have fears / impediments before contract negotiations?
  • Do you feel oppressed?

These and many other topics can be addressed through my work in their source.

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